Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The FlyGrass Prophecies

Age never was a factor when it came to the convergence of the Flygrass Prophecies. As time passed, it was merely "recycled," a non-factor in the end, since there was no tangible end or conclusion after that had been started. Only a slight, barely detectable hiccup at the point where the cycle met itself to begin anew. Not a perfect circle, but a perfect cycle. RealTime was created from this Recycle process. All existence was in RealTime now.

The Flygrass Prophecies were loosely-translated, leather-bound, tea-stained, onion-skin manuscripts from PreTime, before RealTime had reached the first Recycle. Now held in the highest regard and more commonly known as The Words, they had taken the place of earlier scriptures destroyed before the first Recycle. All dwellers were weaned, taught, punished, and rewarded by The Words as they matured, and then encouraged to follow The Words as they departed into RealTime as adults.

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