Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunny Furry

Once upon a time there was a serene, cool, shiny lake. Next to the lake was a large mountain, dotted with dark green evergreens, and oh so majestically lined with clouds at it's snowy, white peak. On the sunny south side of this mountain grew a velvety valley of clover, rich with a flurry of small furry animals, burrowing and scurrying, playing and dancing in the warm summer breezes under the clouds and the trees.

Now this valley was also home to larger inhabitants who lived a little further up the valley to the east. They rarely came out in the light, and only once in a great while would they glance out with their tiny eyes shaded to throw stones at the noisy furries. It was quite an annoyance since the daysleepers were light sleepers and did not appreciate nocturnal interruptions, even if their "night" wasn't technically "night.".

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